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I'm a marketing consultant living and working in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario. I was previously based in Montreal (bonjour les amis!). I've been remote-first since 2015.This is me and my lovelies goofing around on a winter walk a while back. Our little one is not so little anymore.When I'm not working, I'm likely cooking, reading a book, exploring the great outdoors with the fam, catching up on hockey gossip (go Habs!) or geeking out on the latest tech or political news.


I've been doing marketing-communications for most of my working life. I started out as a copywriter and translator.These days, my work is a mix of brand strategy, naming, content strategy, messaging, design management and leading marketing projects of various kinds.One constant over the years has been tech. I've worked with a bunch of high-tech companies and numerous startups as a consultant and more recently as a coach.Lately, I've had the pleasure of collaborating on an increasing number of social and environmental impact projects.Hop over to my LinkedIn for more on my work.

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